The administrative law regulates the relations between the state administration and the natural persons and legal entities. Often, in these relationships disputes arise due to refusal, restriction or violation of rights and legitimate interests of the administrative authorities.
The team of „Burkov, Radev, Djulgerska“ Law Firm provides timely advice, assistance and representation in the proceedings before various administrative and regulatory authorities, which provides our clients with the opportunity to realize their personal and business intentions.
The services we provide are as follows:

  • representation before municipalities, local and central administration, other agencies and specialised jurisdictions and also before the courts while appealing unfavorable administrative decisions, acts or omissions;
  • legal assistance in issuing administrative decisions – permits, licences, records, certificates;
  • appeals against administrative acts;
  • appeal against individual administrative acts or refusal thereof;
  • appeal against penal provisions;
  • appeal against unfavorable administrative decisions, acts or omissions.