The team of „Burkov, Radev, Djulgerska” Law Firm brings together some of the best experts in the field of advertising in the Republic of Bulgaria. We have an individual approach in advising every single client, always considering the following key elements in preparing an ad:

  • The nature of the advertised product or service;
  • The media channel where the advertising communication will run;
  • The compliance of the advertising communication with the requirements in the field of competition and consumer protection;
  • The compliance of the advertising communication with the established rules of self-regulation;
  • The settlement of copyright and the related to them rights in the advertising communication.
Our team works successfully with both the media and advertisers, advertising agencies, media shops, producers and actors. We constantly keep a close watch on the development of new advertising techniques in the online media and internet, and we advise our clients in using alternative forms of advertising and product placement.
We strive to provide creative ideas with the appropriate legal form.